I believe that the abortion issue can never regress to a point where it would be made illegal again.  Too many women – and a lot of men – simply wouldn’t stand for it.  It’s too well accepted.  Too many women have had to use it in their times of need.  Too many women have discovered that their politics change when their situations change; and though they may have once thought abortion was wrong, they are persuaded to a pro-choice position when the need arises for them or a loved one to end an unwanted pregnancy.”
Why I Am An Abortion Doctor, Suzanne T. Poppema, M.D.

Ever since I overheard some of my mother’s friends quietly discussing what one among them could do to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, I’ve been concerned about a woman’s inability to have control over her own body.  I was about ten years old at that time – and the sense of concerned empathy expressed by these middle-class, small-town women in their late thirties stayed with me for the next fifty years.  When the right of choice to an abortion became the law of the land I felt relieved – no more “abortion mills”, self-imposed ruinous attempts, “back-alley” unsanitary, uncaring procedures, or safe choices for those with money.

And now there are those would again leave a woman with no safe choice.

I am now 71 years old and I’m crying out:  WE CAN’T GO BACK!
from In Our Own Words: Collected Recollections in honor of Roe v. Wade

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