Il Mondo Cambia!

partito-democraticoItaly’s Democratic Party (Partito Democratico) calls this world-changing election la vittoria della esperanza – the victory of hope.

Italian commentator Walter Veltroni adds: “L’America sembra aver preso la strada giusta, questa notte rimarrà nella storia. (America seems to have taken the right road; this night will remain in history.)”

The important four-year-old demographic

henryvotesMy nephew went to his mom’s polling place this Tuesday, too, sample ballot and red voting marker in hand.  Though he was apparently not entirely clear on who he wanted to vote for, he was pretty certain that he knew who he was voting against.

Take the quiz

guttmacherHow much do you know about sexual and reproductive health? To find out, take the Guttmacher Institute’s annual pop quiz, developed by Guttmacher researchers and policy experts. Although the issues are in the news all the time, the facts are all too frequently misrepresented, and you may be surprised by what you learn…

The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.

George Eliot

Aw, no Palin for President in 2012?

palinfishYou’ll all be happy to note that Sarah Palin has declined that she has any intention to run for national office in 2012.

Though denied, of course, by the McCain-Palin camp, speculations abound that her nomination as Vice Presidential candidate was one of the key factors in McCain’s huge losses in the polls on Tuesday.  Palin’s rabid yet vapid views on women’s rights astonished even conservative women voters, leading many to give their votes to the more open-minded Obama.

Nice fish, though.

NARAL’s support helped President Obama

Okay, so it could be just a coincidence…

  • NARAL Pro-Choice volunteers contacted over 290,000 households to make them aware of Senator McCain’s abysmal voting record on women’s rights.
  • Obama prevailed in all eight battleground states where NARAL contacted voters on his behalf.
  • I wore my lucky blue voting socks and didn’t wash my hair.

Say it with me one more time:  President Obama.  Pres-i-dent O-ba-ma.  Mmmmm.

Voters say ‘NO!’ to California’s Proposition 4

Following the lead of South Dakota and Colorado, California voters failed anti-choice Proposition 4, a law that would require doctors to notify a minor’s parents 48 hours before performing an abortion.

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