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Anti-choice Activists Back with Constitutional Amendment CI-102

The attorney general has approved the language of a proposed change to the constitution aimed at restricting abortions.

On Wednesday, July 1, the Montana Pro-Life Coalition launched a campaign to eliminate the right for Montana women and families to make private medical decisions regarding reproductive health care. This dangerous measure would establish legal rights starting at fertilization with the intent of banning legal abortion in our state and threatening stem-cell research, in-vitro fertilization, and birth control.

This is serious — these things often succeed because nobody knows they are going on! Your Administrators

In 2008, anti-choice groups fell nearly 20,000 signatures short of the signatures necessary to put this measure on the ballot. The amendment also failed in the 2007 and 2009 Legislative Sessions.

Anti-choice activists will have until June 2010 to collect nearly 49,000 signatures in order to place the amendment on the November 2010 ballot.

Merely being pro-choice will not defeat a single anti-choice law, block a single anti-choice Supreme Court nominee, or enact a single protection for reproductive rights. As a grassroots organization, we rely on pro-choice Montanans to help us in our work to protect the freedom of choice in Montana. Join us as we work to elect pro-choice candidates and fight to protect our right to choose!

Write letters to the editor
Put a sign in my window/yard
Register new voters:
Find a few friends to join the Choice Action Network
Volunteer at a local event and/or local fair:
Work on a local fundraiser
Join our grassroots lobbying phone/email tree

For details go to: http://www.prochoicemontana.org/

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