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Anti-choice Activists Back with Constitutional Amendment CI-102

The attorney general has approved the language of a proposed change to the constitution aimed at restricting abortions.

On Wednesday, July 1, the Montana Pro-Life Coalition launched a campaign to eliminate the right for Montana women and families to make private medical decisions regarding reproductive health care. This dangerous measure would establish legal rights starting at fertilization with the intent of banning legal abortion in our state and threatening stem-cell research, in-vitro fertilization, and birth control.

This is serious — these things often succeed because nobody knows they are going on! Your Administrators

In 2008, anti-choice groups fell nearly 20,000 signatures short of the signatures necessary to put this measure on the ballot. The amendment also failed in the 2007 and 2009 Legislative Sessions.

Anti-choice activists will have until June 2010 to collect nearly 49,000 signatures in order to place the amendment on the November 2010 ballot.

Merely being pro-choice will not defeat a single anti-choice law, block a single anti-choice Supreme Court nominee, or enact a single protection for reproductive rights. As a grassroots organization, we rely on pro-choice Montanans to help us in our work to protect the freedom of choice in Montana. Join us as we work to elect pro-choice candidates and fight to protect our right to choose!

Write letters to the editor
Put a sign in my window/yard
Register new voters:
Find a few friends to join the Choice Action Network
Volunteer at a local event and/or local fair:
Work on a local fundraiser
Join our grassroots lobbying phone/email tree

For details go to: http://www.prochoicemontana.org/

Celebrate 37 Years of Roe!

It’s been 37 years since the landmark Supreme Court decision that established the constitutional basis for safe, legal abortion in the United States. Since 1973, anti-choice activists have been working to chip away at that right and, eventually, eliminate it.

We will be celebrating the 37th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision on Thursday, January 21 with a noon rally at the Montana Capitol building in Helena.

The event will feature several leaders of the reproductive rights movement and lunch will be served. Hear about the upcoming 2010 elections, health-care reform, and the latest on choice-related issues from the people that are leading the way to improve reproductive health in Montana.

What: Rally for Roe
When: Thursday, January 21st 12 p.m.
Where: Capitol rotunda, state Capitol building, Helena

Help us show the power of Montana’s pro-choice majority!
RSVP appreciated. Contact Julianna at mtchoice@mt.net or call 406-443-0276.

Michelle Goldberg Speaking in Missoula March 11

NARAL Pro-Choice Montana and its U of M Students for Choice chapter are excited to announce the continuation of their successful outreach event: Voices, Power, Politics.

Michelle Goldberg, a journalist and author based in Brooklyn, New York, will be visiting the University of Montana in Missoula on Thursday, March 11 to speak about reproductive rights and how the rise of right-wing extremism has had a profound impact of women’s human rights.

Michelle Goldberg’s most recent book, “The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power and the Future of the World,” was published in April and won last year’s J. Anthony Lukas Work in Progress Award. “The Means of Reproduction” travels through four continents, examining issues like abortion, female circumcision, and Asia’s missing girls to show how the battle over women’s bodies has been globalized, and how the United States has, depending on who is in power, alternately advanced and impeded women’s rights worldwide.

Goldberg is also the author of The New York Times bestseller “Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism.” She is a columnist for The Daily Beast and a senior correspondent for The American Prospect. Her work has appeared in The New Republic, The Nation, Glamour, Rolling Stone, The Los Angeles Times and many other publications.

Mark your calendars – you don’t want to miss this exciting evening with Michelle Goldberg!

For more information contact Alex at mtnaral@mt.net or call 406-442-2057

Health-Care Reform: What You Should Know

Anti-choice lawmakers are using health-care reform to attack a woman’s right to choose.

In the House, Reps. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) and Joe Pitts (R-Penn.) introduced an anti-choice amendment to the health-care reform bill that makes it virtually impossible for private insurance companies that participate in the new system to offer abortion coverage to women. The amendment passed by a vote of 240-194.

Pro-choice Americans were outraged. More than 97,000 people signed a petition imploring Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to keep the Stupak-Pitts language out of the Senate health-reform bill. Our voices were heard. The bill as introduced does not contain the Stupak-Pitts abortion-coverage ban.

Sens. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) introduced an amendment to the Senate health-care reform bill that was similar to the Stupak-Pitts amendment. The Senate voted by a 54-45 margin to table the amendment, essentially defeating it.

But new provisions affecting abortion coverage were added to the Senate health-reform bill. Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America said, “It is outrageous that, two weeks after pro-choice Americans came to Capitol Hill united against the egregious Stupak-Pitts amendment, the Senate has succumbed to including further anti-choice language in its bill. While the Senate bill does not include the Stupak-Pitts provision, this new language is unacceptable.”

The Senate and House are now meeting to reconcile their two bills. The two chambers will then vote on the same final bill. This is our last chance to fix the final health-reform bill!

Get Involved: NARAL Pro-Choice America

Bristol Palin speaks out for choice

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Obama Reverses Abortion Ban!

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Blog for Choice!

From Lauren:

Guess what, pro-choice America? IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Today is Blog for Choice Day, 2009!

For the past three years, pro-choice bloggers have come together on January 22 – the anniversary of Roe v. Wade – to write about our reproductive health and our pro-choice values in order to celebrate Roe and to keep choice in the national spotlight.

You don’t have to have your own blog to write – you can write a Facebook note, MySpace blog, update your status, Twitter, or anything else – just get it out there!

This year, we’re asking people to blog their answer to this question: What is your top pro-choice hope for President Obama and/or the new Congress ?

Let us know you’re going to write here.

Please consider taking a moment to promote it on your blog, telling your friends, and joining us tomorrow, so together we can ensure that on January 22, the blogosphere is flooded with pro-choice blogposts!