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Being Pro-Choice Means…

Believing that all women should have access to what’s needed to care for their health and lives.

Believing that abortion is a private, personal decision – not one for politicians to make.

  • In 1973, the Supreme Court guaranteed American women the right to choose safe, legal abortion in its landmark Roe v. Wade decision. In Roe, the Court issued a compromise between the state’s ability to restrict abortion and a woman’s right to choose. Since that time, the anti-choice movement has worked furiously to dismantle Roe – with the ultimate goal of overturning the decision altogether. Anti-choice activists are manipulating state legislatures, the courts, and Congress to take away our freedom. NARAL Pro-Choice America and its state affiliates work within the political process to protect women’s access to safe, legal abortion.

Believing in honest and accurate sex education for our teens.

  • The United States had unacceptably high rates of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and HIV/AIDS infections. To address this challenge, NARAL Pro-Choice America and its state affiliates support honest, age appropriate, and medically accurate sex education that teaches abstinence but also provides young people with the facts they need to protect themselves. Unfortunately, anti-choice politicians and groups promote a strategy that would only make our teen-pregnancy epidemic worse: spending your hard-earned tax dollars on unproven, ideological “abstinence-only” programs. Research shows that honest, medically accurate sex education works, but “abstinence-only” programs don’t. Making matters worse, many of these “abstinence-only” programs include blatantly false information and censor teachers from telling teens about contraception. Young people deserve better than this – and so do taxpayers.

Believing in access to services to ensure healthy families.

  • NARAL Pro-Choice America and its state affiliates are committed to improving pregnant women’s health options and protecting private, personal decision making. Unfortunately, the United States has the second-worst infant mortality rate of all developed nations. In fact, the infant mortality rate is 2.5 times higher in the United States than in Finland, Iceland, or Norway. What’s worse, the infant mortality rate for African-Americans is twice the rate of the national average. NARAL Pro-Choice America and its state affiliates believe all women deserve equal access to quality services and care to ensure that they have healthy children. As a part of these efforts, we strive to increase women’s access to pre-natal care and other services that help women bear healthy children.

Believing in improved access to affordable birth control and family-planning resources.

  • Improving access to birth control is the most effective way to prevent unintended pregnancy and reduce the need for abortion. For the 98 percent of American women who use some form of contraception during their reproductive lives, birth control is basic, essential health care. Unfortunately, anti-choice politicians are trying to block women’s access to birth control. NARAL Pro-Choice America and its state affiliates believe that insurance companies should cover contraception the same way they pay for other prescription medication, and ALL pharmacies should stock and dispense birth control, including the “morning-after” pill. These efforts are critical because the same politicians who oppose legal abortion also want to block women’s access to contraception.
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Talking About Freedom of Choice

Effective Pro-Choice Messages

Who Decides?

We trust women to make private medical decisions, free from government interference.

  • In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court held that the right to privacy encompasses the right to choose whether to end a pregnancy. Roe v. Wade does not give women an unlimited right to abortion throughout pregnancy. Rather, Roe maintains that the decision about abortion must be left to the woman until fetal viability. After viability, Roe allows states to ban or restrict abortion as long as exceptions are made to protect the woman’s life and health.
  • In 28 states, women’s freedom to choose is at risk of being restricted by the legislature and governor.
  • Eighty-six percent of all counties in the U.S. have no identified abortion provider, making it difficult for many women to choose an abortion.


We believe that women should have a broad range of reproductive choices, including effective family planning, healthy childbearing, adoption, and legal abortion.

  • Almost half of all pregnancies in the United States each year are unintended, including more than 30 percent within marriage.
  • Investing in family planning saves money. Every government dollar spent on contraceptive services saves the public approximately $3 on other medical expenses.
  • Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) can significantly reduce a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant after sex. Wider access to ECPs could reduce unintended pregnancies by half, thereby reducing the need for abortion.
  • The vast majority of Americans support responsible sex education that provides teens with information about abstinence, contraception, and STD/HIV prevention.

Women’s Health, Dignity, and Equality

Access to a broad range of reproductive options, from family planning to abortion to prenatal care, improves women’s health and lives. Restricting these choices can have devastating consequences for women.

  • Abortion is a very safe procedure, especially in the first trimester. The risk of complication is minimal – less than one percent of women experience a major complication.
  • Taking away women’s right to legal abortion will not decrease the number of abortions. It will only return women to the days of back alley abortions when women’s health and lives hung in the balance.
  • Women’s health and equality has improved as a direct result of the legalization of abortion.
Published by NARAL Pro-Choice America
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