Iranian-American student released on bail

iran1Esha Momeni, who was arrested October 15th for a traffic violation in Iran, has been released on bail:  Momeni’s parents have handed over the deed to their house in Iran in return for her release, though she has not yet been allowed to leave Iran.  Sources say that Hasan Hadad, the general deputy prosecutor for Tehran, still has every intention of charging Momeni with “propaganda against the state” for her part in the One Million Signature campaign – a group that is working to change laws in Iran which discriminate against women.

Iranian-American student arrested while conducting research on women’s rights in Iran

Iranian-American Esha Momeni, a graduate student of California State University, is being detained in Iran for her part in the One-Million-Signature campaign, which calls for changes to laws deemed discriminatory towards Iranian women. She was in Iran to carry out research for her graduate thesis on women’s rights.

Ms. Momeni was arrested for a traffic violation, detained for her activities in the women’s campaign, and remains in custody in Iran’s Evin prison. Iran does not recognize dual citizenship, and calls Ms. Momeni’s arrest “an internal matter.”

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