Il Mondo Cambia!

partito-democraticoItaly’s Democratic Party (Partito Democratico) calls this world-changing election la vittoria della esperanza – the victory of hope.

Italian commentator Walter Veltroni adds: “L’America sembra aver preso la strada giusta, questa notte rimarrà nella storia. (America seems to have taken the right road; this night will remain in history.)”


International reaction

Barack supporters in Obama, Japan

Barack supporters in Obama, Japan

From The Economist:

It is a remarkable, and historic, achievement.

From the BBC:

…the result [will] have a profound impact on the US.

From Al Jazeera:

I think through divine intervention, good luck or whatever, Obama has it wrapped up.  We can go to sleep now and wake up on Nov. 5 to a President Obama in the Oval Office!  I have not illusions about Obama but I’m sure he will at least be less belligerent and that itself will undo some of the mess the Bush administration has created in the past eight years…

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