Congratulations, President Obama!


I’ve never been so emotionally invested in an election in my life. We’ve all worked hard for this, and here it is. Thank you, America!

(And an exceptional concession speech from John McCain. It was a hard-fought battle, and all parties should be commended for their efforts. In light of the values of our new country (!), let’s put aside our differences and work together to make this country the wonderful place we know it can be.)

UPDATE: I woke up this morning and Obama is still the President-Elect. We have more winners as of 7:20 a.m. (we think, hope, etc., with 98% of precincts reporting)! Congratulations:

  • Senator Max Baucus
  • Governor Brian Schweitzer and Lt. Governor John Bohlinger
  • Secretary of State Linda McCulloch
  • Attorney General Steve Bullock
  • State Auditor Monica Lindeen
  • Superintendent Denise Juneau
  • Supreme Court Justice Patricia Cotter
  • Representative Mike Jopek
  • Representative Cheryl Steenson (won by 22 votes!)
  • Chief Justice Mike McGrath

It’s been a hard race – and for those of you who didn’t prevail this time around: Don’t give up the ship!

Beating the horse

Eek, the election is in less than a week!  Are you ready?  Here’s a little more info on some NARAL-supported Montana candidates who haven’t gotten much press on our blog yet.  Have you even thought about the state auditor?

Steve Bullock, Attorney General

Steve Bullock has been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Montana PAC
because of his strong support for Montana’s constitutionally protected
right to privacy. Bullock’s opponent does not support access to
abortion care, even in cases of rape or incest. (Montana Family
Action survey).

Denise Juneau, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Denise is a strong supporter of medically accurate, age appropriate
sex education, and, if elected, will work to ensure that our young
people have the information they need to protect themselves from
unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Monica Lindeen, State Auditor

Monica Lindeen has a lifetime 100% voting record with NARAL Pro-Choice
Montana in the state legislature. Her opponent recently released a
plan for the Auditor’s office that includes stripping consumer
protections in insurance plans by eliminating mandates that only
“some” consumers want. (Billings Gazette, 9/24/08, Grimes proposes
insurance plan) In Montana, insurance plans must cover birth control,
mammograms, and maternity care. Insurance companies often consider
women’s health care needs as “extra,” so these protections are
important. Monica knows how important it is for women to have access
to affordable reproductive health care, including birth control.

Learn more about Lindeen’s opponent’s attempt to strip consumer protections in insurance plans:

Linda McCulloch, Secretary of State

Linda McCulloch earned a 100% voting record from NARAL Pro-Choice
Montana when she served in the Montana legislature and was also
endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Montana PAC in her successful races for
Superintendent of Public Instruction. She is a long-time member and
supporter of reproductive rights.

Mike McGrath, Chief Justice, Montana Supreme Court

Mike McGrath is a strong supporter of Montana’s constitutional right
to privacy. As Attorney General, Mike issued a formal opinion
requiring health insurance companies to include birth control in their
prescription drug coverage. Mike was first elected Montana’s Attorney
General in 2000 and ran unopposed for his second term in 2004.

NARAL Pro-Choice America endorses Barack Obama

Pro-Choice = Pro-Obama

NARAL organizations across the board support Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama as a champion for women’s reproductive rights in America. Watch the video below for more information on Obama’s and McCain’s voting records.

NARAL Pro-Choice America has also endorsed:

  • Montana Senator Max Baucus
  • Steve Bullock (Attorney General)
  • Patricia Cotter (Montana Supreme Court)
  • Mike Jopek (House District #4 – Whitefish)
  • Denise Juneau (Superintendent of Public Instruction)
  • Monica Lindeen (State Auditor)
  • Brittany Maclean (Montana Senate District #2 – including Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and a rural swath that runs from the North Fork through the Canyon to Marias Pass)
  • Linda McCullouch (Secretary of State)
  • Mike McGrath (Chief Justice, Montana Supreme Court)
  • Governor Brian Schweitzer
  • Cheryl Steenson (Montana House District #8 – downtown Kalispell)
  • Scott Wheeler (Montana House District #6 – the area north and west of Whitefish to the Lincoln County line. It also includes rural areas west of Kalispell and north of Marion)

See NARAL’s election site for more information about national candidates, and the Pro-Choice Montana Political Update site for local candidates.